22 February 2016

a new look to an old place

If you're linked directly to my blog, then you'll want to visit my new web galleries. Just click on the header of this blog. My old website is still up, in case you want to visit some of my older pics.

05 June 2012

Lightroom 4

Still gray in unsunny in PDX. Been playing with a new photo-editing app, Adobe Lightroom 4, and it is just what I've been waiting for.

12 April 2012

Spring Sunset in Oregon

Sunset at the "other" Florence. Sadly, I am struggling to remember how to post...use or lose. Things are gonna change, more posts to come.

22 February 2012

Winter foliage in Portland

The trees are bare, the hostas and columbines are quietly awaiting the warmth of Spring...now is the time for moss and lichen to shine in the grayness.

28 July 2011

one milestone down...

...a bunch more to go.

With one major work-related project done, I felt a bit less stressed. I've found my creativity muted by work but, after the recent task was successfully completed, I've found my camera to be my friend again.

06 July 2011

the long overdue nature walk

projects at work have consumed way too much of my time over the past 6 months. the main project will be ending soon, which is definitely raising my mood...and, like many Portlanders, the coming of sunny, warm weather has also bolstered my spirit

31 December 2010

wishing you a prosperous and fulfilling new year

2010 provided challenges in many ways, but also opportunities to grow and learn. The coming of a new year always inspires a new sense of energy and optimism...and I'm ready to let 2011 begin a new chapter.

Happy New Year!

28 December 2010

my camera still works...

...apparently I have been broken.

15 September 2010

Exciting? Captivating?...

... not necessarily but guaranteed to be original!

Just trying to post some fresh (albeit mundane) stuff more frequently. So I'm cheating a little bit by posting from my iPhone using a pre-made template using FTP & photo-editing apps (yes, there's an app for nearly everything).

Take a look if you have time

20 August 2010

must. take.photo.safari

me camera (and creativity) is getting rusty / dusty!

15 August 2010

pine cone art

Along the Willamette River, South Waterfront, Portland OR

31 May 2010


I'm thinking that all of my upcoming blog-posts will be in black n white...at least until SUNNY SUMMER arrives here in PDX.

click on the picture to see the black n white gallery

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08 March 2010

sunny day on nehalem bay

Not terribly warm, but a beautiful day on the bay.

late winter sunset over nehalem bay

Planning a weekend at the Oregon coast, during the winter, can be a roll of the dice. You're never quite sure if the weather will cooperate. This past weekend, however, the weather was terrific.

This is Nehalem Bay as seen from the town of Wheeler.

28 January 2010


After many attempts, I've finally color-calibrated my monitor! Thank you Nvidia for making a Windows 7 driver at last!